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About Us

Welcome to Evocean – two salty souls in search of freedom, adventure and a life of self-sufficiency onboard our sailing yacht.

A passion for the great outdoors, photography and creative design is at the heart of our ocean based brand. Living an alternative life is now a way of life for us and Evocean, the evolution of our life on the ocean, is one of the ways in which we do it.

Sailing Yacht at Anchor
Yacht Sails

Our collection of nautical decor and accessories started its journey after we struggled to find water resistant nautical cushions for our sailboat. After failing to find a suitable product we decided to make our own.

Quality is important to us and something we were not willing to compromise on. We spent a long time sourcing the best materials we could find. As a result we now only work with two UK manufacturing companies, both of which have a wealth of experience and expertise in their fields. It took a while but ultimately it has resulted in a product range of the highest quality, and one of which we are particularly proud of.

We strive to use the most environmentally friendly materials as possible and create minimal impact on the planet. Our products are only made when an order has been placed. This eliminates the need for large scale production runs therefore reducing excess stock and minimising waste. Both our manufacturing partners have a strong sustainability ethos with an emphasis on eco friendly materials and inks, and the implementation of a range of sustainable business practices to minimise their environmental footprint. Our packaging is simple and recyclable, we don’t fill your order with unnecessary packaging slips and promotional material that would just get thrown away!

When designing our products we take inspiration from being on the water and places we have visited. Many of our designs feature contemporary twists on familiar nautical themes and classical coastal features. Whilst we initially set out to create a range of products dedicated to boat owners, our nautical accessories would work in a variety of settings including the home, garden, office, business or recreational area.

Each product has been lovingly designed by us and we hope you will love our designs as much as we do. However we appreciate that we all have different tastes, therefore we can offer custom colours, fonts and logos on many of our products – if you can’t find what you are looking for, please just ask!

During our spare time we love spending time onboard and are currently slowly circumnavigating the UK. We are documenting our travels via our ‘Evocean Sailing’ blog and on our social media channels. So please feel free to have a read and give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome aboard!